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    Growth in Dark Times


    Covid-19 Update #3: 22 March, 2020

    This is a dark time for sure and there will continue to be suffering and heartache but we are going to get through this and we will come out of it stronger than ever. We have an opportunity to use this current period of darkness as a time for unifying growth.

    Most growth occurs in darkness. Our body and mind are rejuvenated during the darkness of sleep. A seed grows in the darkness of the earth to become a bountiful fruit-bearing tree. A fetus grows in the darkness of the womb to become a beautiful sentient creature capable of pondering infinity and the meaning of life. So too, the dark times of our lives have a sacred purpose—to bring us closer to the truth, closer to freedom, closer to our true potential.

    Growth can come from discomfort and suffering. Discomfort and suffering can be transmuted into wisdom and awareness that replaces the darkness and illuminates the “real world”. We tend to get comfortable in our understanding of our world and our universe. But all growth comes with some discomfort. It comes from a willingness to step outside of our comfort zones and the self-induced darkness of our own ignorance. It comes from not being blinded by our own needs and concerns but rather seeing our own needs and concerns in the context of the overarching big picture. In the context of the entire human family.

    People are finding ways to come together and help each other without breaking social distancing protocols. People are proving the ingenuity and resilience of the human spirit. Evidence is all around us that in response to the darkness of the Covid-19 virus our species is unifying like never before. The data shows that in some areas the virus is spreading exponentially. But what is growing even faster than the virus is a worldwide awareness that we really are profoundly interconnected and interdependent. Awareness is spreading that all life on Earth and the planet itself is one indivisible living system—a system that at times is very fragile.

    This awareness is what’s required to overcome this crisis. We need to recognize that the only effective strategy to stem the spread of Covid-19 is a strategy that is planned, coordinated, and implemented via a platform of complete planetary collaboration. This is not a regional or national issue, it’s a planetary issue and will only be solved through planetary collaboration.