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Ron Garan’s virtual keynote presentations provide incomparable perspectives and motivational lessons leaving audiences with inspiration, hope and concrete strategies to adapt and thrive during difficult times.

Keynote Speaker Ron Garan offers a fully customized immersive, HD, multi-media, virtual keynote program that is engaging, powerful, and designed to inspire the audience into action. Ron uses original, larger-than-life footage captured from space to tell the story of how his perspective of the world and humanity changed after spending six months in orbit. A story he later turned into his critically acclaimed book, The Orbital Perspective.

Through Ron’s virtual program, your team will walk away with a renewed sense of profound collaboration and the desire to set aside their differences and work together toward shared goals.

Ron uses his virtual keynote services to share his experiences in space, combat, and in the corporate world to inspire teams and give actionable guidance on the following topics:

  • Function efficiently & productively even while physically separated
  • Develop an “Expeditionary” mindset to excel during times of isolation
  • Adapt to change & uncertainty

Virtual Astronaut – is not just a presentation.

It’s an immersive, HD, multi-media presentation that is sure to be engaging and inspiring. The presentation can be broadcast to a large audience assembled in an event space or to thousands of distributed individual audience members. Flexibility is key and Ron’s team will work with you to tailor a presentation to fit your needs ensuring we maximize the objectives of your event.

Why companies are choosing Ron’s virtual keynote service for their conference

  • Budget requirements preclude in-person conferences
  • They are faced with travel restrictions (i.e. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)).
  • They are experiencing cancellation or postponement of in-person conferences.

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About Ron Garan

Ron Garan is a highly decorated keynote speaker, NASA astronaut, fighter pilot, and entrepreneur who is currently inspiring audiences worldwide with his keynotes. As a virtual keynote speaker, Ron is able to reach audiences across the planet.

Ron spent 178 days in space and has traveled more than 71 million miles during 2,842 orbits of our planet. He flew on the US Space Shuttle, Russian Soyuz, and the International Space Station where he accomplished four spacewalks. Ron also spent eighteen days living and working on the bottom of the ocean during a research mission held in Aquarius, the world’s only undersea research lab.

In addition to authoring the critically acclaimed book, The Orbital Perspective, he is also in the process of launching two new books: Railroad to the Moon and Floating in Darkness.

“Ron’s Virtual Keynote was such a morale booster. I know everyone that attended felt better after watching.”

– Regeane Frédérique


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