Imagine spending 178 days living and working aboard the International Space Station . . .

Imagine the challenges and issues that you would face every day – many of them could be life-threatening. You have to rely on your training, ingenuity, and your ability to adapt.

No lifeline. No neighborhood hardware store. It’s all up to you and your team.

Definitely not your typical day at the office.

That’s exactly what it was like for Ron Garan as he lived and worked aboard the International Space Station for close to six months and it’s those stories he shares in his virtual keynote program – A View From The Orbital Perspective.

In his virtual keynote, Ron uses original, larger-than-life footage captured from space to tell the story of how his perspective of the world and humanity changed after spending six months in orbit.

Your team will walk away with a renewed sense of profound collaboration and the desire to set aside their differences and work together toward shared goals.

Ron uses his virtual keynote services to share his experiences in space, combat, and in the corporate world to give actionable guidance and inspire teams to:

  • Function efficiently & productively even while physically separated
  • Develop an “Expeditionary” mindset to excel during times of isolation
  • Adapt to change & uncertainty

Develop an “Expeditionary” Mindset to Excel During our Current “Hostile” Environment

Many factors have arisen that have created an environment that is hostile to our businesses. Functioning as an effective team in a hostile environment is primarily a matter of perspective. Balancing overarching organizational goals and personal desires can be effortless in an environment where team members understand their mission, practice self-care, and look out for their fellow teammates.

Function Efficiently & Productively Even While Physically Separated

Through his career as a military officer and his extended time living and working in isolation on the bottom of the ocean and in space, Ron developed highly successful strategies to keep effective communication and collaboration intact with teammates spread out across the world and above it.

Adapt to Change & Uncertainty During Times of Chaos and Disruption

Upcoming megatrends will completely rewrite the business landscape and the structure of society. Survival of our businesses and organizations will depend on our ability to spot these arising trends before they become tidal waves. Ron gives organizations the foundational tools to see over the horizon.

It was an honor for us to have you as a Keynote Speaker.

“ Your lively discussion, accompanies by your video, was greatly appreciated by our staff who enjoyed learning from your experiences both in your professional and personal developments.

Many staff members have noted they learned valuable lessons from your discussion, especially as we continue to face an isolated work and personal environment. In these times, your messages of hope, of encouragement and of a better tomorrow resonated with our team. ”

– MaryAnn Tierney, Regional Administrator, FEMA


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A View From The Orbital Perspective – is not just a presentation.

It’s an immersive, HD, multi-media presentation that is sure to be engaging and inspiring. The presentation can be broadcast to a large audience assembled in an event space or to thousands of distributed individual audience members. Flexibility is key and Ron’s team will work with you to tailor a presentation to fit your needs ensuring we maximize the objectives of your event.

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