Orbital Perspective

Lessons from a Journey of 71 Million Miles

orbital perspective

The Orbital Perspective is a book about hope. Not an empty hope, but a tangible hope that is constructed upon basic truths. Our world is changing rapidly, and the exponential increases in technological advancements have created a highly interconnected global society. With this new interconnectedness come new tools that have never existed before. We now live in a world where we have all of the resources and technology necessary to solve many — if not all — of the challenges facing our planet. We now have the means to enable true global collaboration that is both consistent and world changing. Follow this journey through the eyes of astronaut Ron Garan, who spent six months in space gazing back at our indescribably beautiful planet pondering the question, “If we have all the tools to solve the problems facing our world, why do so many critical problems still exist?”

Follow along as Garan illustrates how the answer to that question lies primarily in our inability to effectively collaborate on a global scale. Up until very recently we had an excuse: true global collaboration was impossible. But no longer. We now have the technology to enable governments, industries, universities, research centers, citizen scientists and the public to collaborate across boundaries, stove pipes, cultures, industries and borders. The Key to any and all success is We. In The Orbital Perspective, Garan delves deeply into the origins, theories, realities, examples of and barriers to effective global collaboration, filtering all through the lens of the Orbital Perspective, a unique view on our Earth which Garan has brought back from space with him to influence the future of our planet.

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