“Ron’s focus is on finding new connections and collaborations that cross borders and allow us to transform the world for the better before we destroy this big blue ball we call home.”

Peter Gabriel
Musician & Founder of WOMAD

“Ron breakthrough book is one of a kind. He masterfully synthesizes the big-picture view of our world with the ground-level details necessary to overcome the barriers to improving life for all people”

Jimmy Wales
Founder of Wikipedia

“Ron Garan delivered an extremely inspirational and thought provoking address. His personal insight into a field that very few of us will ever get to experience combined with strong messages and lessons for the audience ensured that his participation was one of the highlights of the event.”

Sir Paul Judge
President | Association of MBAs

“Ron’s opening keynote talk perfectly framed the rest of our offsite. True collaboration requires us to step outside of our comfort zones in order to embrace innovative approaches. Ron was able to article the value of our specific function to the rest of the organization, as change happens through people.”

Craig Sabol
Gilead Sciences Inc.

“Ron is a tremendous inspiration to our global health students and faculty at Duke. His global perspective and message that ‘nothing is impossible’ resonates with audiences young and old.”

Michael Merson, M.D.
Director | Duke Global Health Institute

“Ron Garan delivered the perfect opening keynote to start our conference on mobility. His unique orbital perspective not only inspired our very international and diverse audience, it also put things into perspective, big time. I would recommend Ron for virtually any kind of event where people wish to be inspired.”

Job Karstens
PR & Events | EVBox

“Uniquely and intellectually engaging. Ron has a way of sharing his experiences in space and on earth without bravado, but instead with a unique humility and perspective about how we can all participate in making the world a better place. He is truly inspirational and it is impossible to walk away without having engaging conversations and a new view of the fragile oasis we all share.”

John Higgins

“A wonderful call to shift our point of view from local to global, from myopic to orbital. This consciousness-altering, ego-dissolving, mind-reconfiguring experience renders our common purpose clear: we are the frontal lobes of this Pale Blue Dot and we need to leverage our collective genius to overcome our challenges and unleash our potential. Bravo!”

Jason Silva
Host of National Geographic's BrainGames

“I felt like I’d actually climbed aboard the ISS for a while. The closest I’ll ever get to being in space. Complex solutions will only come together when we take an orbital perspective! That was my key takeaway!”

Roger Atkins
Founder | Electric Vehicle Outlook Ltd.

“Ron is an extremely compelling speaker who masterfully blends his diverse professional experience and experience as an ambassador for the social business movement into a message that has left a profound positive impact on countless individuals and organizations.”

Hans Reitz
Founder/MD | Grameen Creative Lab
“Ron is a force on social media!  One message to his millions of followers skyrocketed our attendance.”
Dominique V. Dauster
Global Social Business Summit

The Orbital Perspective reminds us of our common humanity and that the pressing challenges we face, we must face and resolve together through tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation.”

Kofi A. Annan
Nobel Peace Laureate and Chair, Kofi Annan Foundation

The Orbital Perspective is an inspirational knockout. After reading this book you will refuse to accept the status quo on our planet.”

Wladimir Klitschko, PhD
Heavyweight Champion,
Founder of Klitschko Management Group

“Astronaut Ron Garan will transport you from the magnificent sense of possibility in outer space to the perspective of a worm on Earth’s rich soil and will reassert our fundamental connection to one another in ways that challenge and inspire. We all need more of an orbital perspective to remind us that, in the end, we only have each other.”

Jacqueline Novogratz
CEO | Acumen, Author ofThe Blue Sweater

“Ron Garan has returned from his space missions not as someone who believes himself to be above us all, but as someone who remains down to Earth. Someone who knows that we are part of something bigger. What Ron has started around the world has made a deep impression on me and the 800 young leaders at the Pathfinder Conference.”

Dr. Rüdiger Grube
Chairman & CEO | Deutsche Bahn AG

The Orbital Perspective movingly explains the impact of such a perspective shift—one that by no means occurs for every astronaut. In Garan’s case—the message is how the rest of us can put his lessons to use. The Orbital Perspective could wind up being the most important tale ever told from space.”

Jeffrey Kluger

“This is more than just a book; it is a call to action and a catalyst for a necessary movement. This is a defining book for a defining time in human history.”

Daniel Epstein
Founder and CEO, Unreasonable Group

“Pilot, astronaut, ocean explorer, entrepreneur, Ron’s heart is bigger than the space station that he crewed for six months.”

Steve Schueth

“Put a humanitarian into a spacesuit and keep sending him into space and books like this are bound to be written. You see, global problems can have a personal solution.”

Keith Cowing
Astrobiologist, Editor of Nasa Watch