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Floating in Darkness

Floating in Darkness, the sequel to Ron’s critically acclaimed first book The Orbital Perspective, adds the perspective of inner space to take the reader on a profound journey of discovery. It addresses fundamental aspects of the evolution of society and humanity and serves as a call to action to help steer the trajectory of our society toward a future we would all want to be a part of.

Throughout, we will compare the dancing, intersecting orbits of religion, spirituality, and science. We will touch on nuclear deterrence and explore the intimate violence of combat, highlighting the complexities of tribalism. We will address our own mortality and bask in the sheer wonder and beauty of our world and beyond. We will travel from the ocean floor to earth orbit and back.

The purpose of this book is to replace fear with awe and wonder and to use the platform of awe and wonder as a jumping-off point—transforming each of us into white blood cells in a growing immune response to heal our world. Together we will systematically break down the divisive walls that keep us apart. We will bridge gaps and unify effort.

This story is designed to spark conversations that transcend political, cultural, national, ethnic and religious divides, focusing instead on our shared humanity.

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