BOGO: Buy "Floating in Darkness" & Give the Gift of "The Orbital Perspective"

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This holiday season, purchase a copy of astronaut Ron Garan's deeply moving memoir "Floating in Darkness," and give the gift of perspective along with it.

When you buy Ron's newest book recounting his journey from fighter pilot to space traveler, you'll receive a code to gift a copy of his earlier bestseller "The Orbital Perspective" to anyone you choose.

"Floating in Darkness" offers an intensely personal, revealing memoir of Ron's journey through the trials of combat into finding purpose in space exploration. It provides inspiration to transform desperation into hope.

"The Orbital Perspective" shares an elevated worldview that Ron gained from gazing at Earth while floating in the blackness of space. This view erased borders and revealed the folly of conflict and division.

This holiday, buy a copy of "Floating in Darkness" for yourself or a loved one hungry for an inspiring true story. Then pay the inspiration forward by gifting "The Orbital Perspective” to open another set of eyes to our planet's dazzling, yet fragile beauty.

Each copy will be signed by Ron and sent in time for the holidays.

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Original Artwork from Space


“I-SOAR” depicts the true nature of the real world. It establishes not only that we are all deeply interconnected—we are also deeply interdependent.

Painting of planet by astronaut Ron Garan

Royal Wedding

This painting is based on a photo I took and tweeted near sunset on the eve of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Astronaut painting in space


Perspective (aka Space Selfie) is a composition about perspective. This piece was inspired by a photograph I took during a spacewalk on the STS-124 mission.

space and planet paintings by artist ron garan


Spending months in space I can pinpoint specific moments when I wasn’t just looking down at the Earth, I was looking at a planet hanging in the blackness of space.

original artwork of space by astronaut Ron Garan

Crossing The Terminator

One of the most unique and magical parts of being in space is watching that line that defines the delineation between night and day pass gently below us.