“Ron’s focus is on finding new connections and collaborations that cross borders and allow us to transform the world for the better before we destroy this big blue ball we call home.”

Peter Gabriel
Musician & Founder of WOMAD

“Ron breakthrough book is one of a kind. He masterfully synthesizes the big-picture view of our world with the ground-level details necessary to overcome the barriers to improving life for all people”

Jimmy Wales
Founder of Wikipedia

“A wonderful call to shift our point of view from local to global, from myopic to orbital. This consciousness-altering, ego-dissolving, mind-reconfiguring experience renders our common purpose clear: we are the frontal lobes of this Pale Blue Dot and we need to leverage our collective genius to overcome our challenges and unleash our potential. Bravo!”

Jason Silva
Host of National Geographic's BrainGames

The Orbital Perspective reminds us of our common humanity and that the pressing challenges we face, we must face and resolve together through tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation.”

Kofi A. Annan
Nobel Peace Laureate and Chair, Kofi Annan Foundation

The Orbital Perspective is an inspirational knockout. After reading this book you will refuse to accept the status quo on our planet.”

Wladimir Klitschko, PhD
Heavyweight Champion,
Founder of Klitschko Management Group

The Orbital Perspective movingly explains the impact of such a perspective shift—one that by no means occurs for every astronaut. In Garan’s case—the message is how the rest of us can put his lessons to use. The Orbital Perspective could wind up being the most important tale ever told from space.”

Jeffrey Kluger

“This is more than just a book; it is a call to action and a catalyst for a necessary movement. This is a defining book for a defining time in human history.”

Daniel Epstein
Founder and CEO, Unreasonable Group

“Put a humanitarian into a spacesuit and keep sending him into space and books like this are bound to be written. You see, global problems can have a personal solution.”

Keith Cowing
Astrobiologist, Editor of Nasa Watch